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Policies & Rules
1. The Society shall be called ‘ The Sligo Feis Ceoil’
2. The Feis Ceoil Association has been formed with the following objectives
a)To promote the study and cultivation of Irish Music;
b)To promote the general cultivation of Classical Music;
c) To encourage the art of Verse Speaking , Drama and Art;
d)To hold an annual Musical Festival or Feis Ceoil, consisting of Prize Competitions.

3. The Feis Ceoil Association shall consist of a President ,Vice-Presidents, Chairperson, Administrator, Treasurer, Co-ordinator to Vocal ,Instrumental Music, Verse Speaking, Drama, Irish, Traditional Music , Art , Finance Sub-Committee and a body of members.
4. Members must pay an Annual subscription of at least €30.00(Joint/Double) €20.00(Individual) payable on or before 1st January, or within one month of enrolment. Tickets will be issued on receipt of Annual Subscription.
5. Every member shall have a vote at a General Meeting and shall be entitled to free admission to all public lectures, performances, concerts and competitions held during the festival.
6. The Feis Ceoil shall be held annually unless otherwise decided by a General Meeting.
7. There shall be one general meeting on or before September 30th for the adoption of Reports of Committees, Election of Officers and Committee for ensuing year and the transaction of general business.
8. A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Secretary when directed by the Executive Committee, or on requisition of ten members. At least seven days notice to be given to the Administrator.
9. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Honorary Officers and twelve members, who shall  elected by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall fill vacancies by co-option.
10. The Executive Committee shall have power to admit Members and make conditions.
11. The Executive Committee shall have charge of all matters not specifically reserved for the General Meeting and shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees.
12. No change shall be made in the Rules except at a General Meeting -a copy of any proposed alterations must be sent to the secretary at least ten days before the General Meeting and he or she shall forward to each member a copy of same.
13. Four members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum.
087 9602866
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