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Policies & Rules
Submission of an entry implies agreement by the performer to abide by these regulations and conditions. The interpretation of the following Conditions and Regulations shall be subject to the discretion of the Sligo Feis Ceoil Committee. It reserves the right to refuse the entry of any competitor. The grounds on which such refusal can be warranted are at the behest of the Feis Committee’s best judgement.
Entries for all competitions must be completed ONLINE or on the printable Sligo Feis Ceoil Entry Form (available on and be accompanied by
  • Correct entry fee
  • Unmarked copy of plays where applicable no later than March 22nd
  • Copy of Music ( ONLY if the official accompanist is required) no later than March 22nd
*Office Address : Sligo Feis Ceoil,39 Greenfort,Cairns Road, Sligo
 When using online option each competitor must be entered individually to their competitions eg JOE BLOGGS  T1, V3, SP4 & DR1  (TEACHERS: Please use Group booking form if it is more convenient for you.)Fees are not refundable unless a competition is cancelled.
2.1 Vocal & Instrumental Classes
An official accompanist will be provided by Sligo Feis Ceoil for those who wish to avail of it. Should you require this service it is essential that a hardcopy of your chosen music reaches our *office no later than Friday March 22nd .Email not acceptable.  All copies should fulfill the following criteria:
  • Music must be in the required key.
  • The copy must be sellotaped together and in the correct running order.
  • The name of the competitor and competition number must be written on the front sheet .
Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the option of an official accompanist being withdrawn for the competitor.
It is the responsibility of each competitor to claim their ‘copy of music’ at the conclusion of the competition. The Feis Committee holds no responsibility for lost music.
Competitors' attention is drawn to the Laws on Copyright which prohibits the unauthorised photocopying of music.
Sligo Feis Ceoil assumes that anybody using photocopies has  the permission of the publisher to do so
See also Rule 6 **
 2.2 Drama Classes
Classes DR6 - DR9 must be accompanied by an unmarked copy of the play . Sligo Feis Ceoil assumes that anybody using photocopies has the permission of the publisher to do so. Title of all pieces to be performed must be given to the announcers before the competition commences
Competitors are required to ensure that they meet the regulated age limits of each respective competition. Age limitation will be determined by the age of the competitor on January 1st 2019. (eg Under 14 means under 14 yrs on Jan 1st 2019) The Feis Committee reserves the right to request the presentation of a birth certificate where deemed necessary. Failure to comply with these age limitations will deem the prospective competitor ineligible for their selected competition. Performers may NOT enter more than one age division in the same category eg. DR10 & DR11
All competitions – with the exception of those concerning orchestral involvement where the number of professional players is limited to four – are open to both amateur and professional competitors.
Only persons whose names appear in the Programme will be allowed to participate in the Feis competitions, except where omissions are the fault of the committee or printer. Competition schedules stating the time, date and venue at which competitors must present themselves will be despatched by March 31st  to the competitor or his/her teacher.
Competitors who do not present themselves to perform at the allocated time will be disqualified. Changes in the officially allotted time may he made only with permission from Sligo Feis Ceoil .
If a competitor notices an anomaly when they receive their competition schedule they are urged to contact the administrator immediately so as to reduce the risk of disappointment or confusion on the day of the competition.    
*N.B. If a competitor has not received their competition schedule by March 15th
The Adjudicator may, at his or her discretion, interrupt the performance when he or she has formed a judgement. At no time may the Adjudicator be approached, before, during or after a class to discuss decisions or results. In all cases of merit the adjudicator’s decision shall be final. In other matters of dispute the Committee’s decision shall be deemed conclusive. * * Where a time limit is specified in a competition, competitors will be penalised should they exceed the specified limit. Performers may not present the same piece or pieces for more than one class. A Performance item with which a Performer won 1st Prize in Sligo Feis Ceoil may not be presented in a subsequent year.      
SENIOR bursary /scholarship winners are not eligible to receive the equivalent bursary in subsequent years.
Competitors may collect their own adjudicated marking sheets at the end of each competition. These will be available for collection from the door steward only.
Cups and Medals (first and second prizes) will be awarded only to competitors obtaining respectively 85% and 75% of the maximum marks. A marking of 80% will be required to obtain first prize in Silver Medal Class. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicator and may be withheld in whole or part if the adjudicator considers the standard is not sufficient to warrant their award. N.B. SCHOLARSHIPS - Scholarships are not transferrable and winners must avail of the scholarship in the year of the award(except the Yeats Scholarship -3 years).  In all classes where there is only one performance, if in the opinion of the adjudicator, the performance has reached the necessary standard of marking, the appropriate prize will be awarded. Competitors deemed worthy of claiming a bursary prize are determined by adjudicators only.
8 .TROPHIES/CUPS                                                                                                                                                                              
All Trophies and Cups may be retained by the holders until March 1st 2020 when they shall be returned engraved, cleaned and in good condition to an address designated by the committee. Successful competitors are required to sign a form in which they express an understanding and acceptance of these conditions, taking full responsibility for the property of Sligo Feis Ceoil. Signatories of this form will incur a fine of €50 for failure to return cups on or before March 1st 2020
Persons wishing to make an official complaint should do so in writing no later than 10am on the day following the specified competition. All complaints should be addressed to the administrator of Sligo Feis Ceoil and require an administrative fee of €20 which will be returned should the complaint be upheld.
Under no circumstances will use of video, audio recording or flash photography be tolerated in a competition venue due to copyright legislation and the Child Protection Policy of the Feis. Failure to adhere to this condition will lead to immediate disqualification. Copy of the Child Protection Policy is available from the Feis Office, the Feis Website.
11     TEST PIECES (set pieces)
  • A performance item with which a performer won 1st Prize in Sligo Feis Ceoil may not be presented in a subsequent year.   
  • In own choice classes, competitors must not choose test (set) pieces specified in the  current syllabus.
  • Test Pieces: Two contrasting pieces of own choice unless otherwise stated
  • The ringing of the steward's bell indicates the limit of time .The adjudicators' decision   is final and no appeal will be allowed
  • Music (grade specific) from any recognized college of music is acceptable.
12 DRESS CODE All Performers and their Accompanists are expected to dress appropriately for performance before an audience. Please note changing facilities are not available at all venues and participants should arrive in costume.
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