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Dear Participants,Teachers & Friends,
It was with a heavy heart that the voluntary committee of Sligo Feis Ceoil deconstructed in no time at all an event that had been many months in the making.
As many of you will be aware, it takes the significant input of many hands to get our Feis up and running every Easter. Rarely has this been so clear as when phone-calls and emails are being exchanged with adjudicators, accompanists, hotels, airlines, printers and venues across a frantic few days.
Nevertheless, we at Sligo Feis Ceoil are aware that the decision to cancel this year's event was the only sensible one available, and we sincerely hope that in this time of uncertainty you and your families remain safe and healthy.
Behind the scenes, however, the work of our voluntary committee will continue. It is now our duty to refund entry fees whereby a request is made on behalf of the entrant.
The bank transaction fee per entry is approximately 10% (eg entry fee €7 = €6.19 ).
If you wish to receive a refund for your fees paid, please email:info@sligofeisceoil.ie
If, however, you are in a position to donate this year's entry fee to Sligo Feis Ceoil for 2021 and beyond, we would be incredibly grateful.
Throughout the rich history of Sligo Feis Ceoil, we have come through World Wars, financial crises and numerous other impediments to stand where we do today over a century after our first event in this beautiful county of ours in 1903.
To whatever degree this longevity is owed to the efforts of our many volunteers over the years, Sligo Feis Ceoil is primarily belonging to the patrons, the competitors and those of you with a passion for the arts.
We will be back again in 2021 and would greatly appreciate whatever help you can give us in making sure we're well prepared to make up for lost time.

Keep safe, keep healthy, and keep happy.  

Sligo Feis Ceoil Committee
087 9602866
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